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9.Sınıflar 1.Dönem 1.İngilizce Yazılı Soruları

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9.Sınıflar 1.Dönem 1.İngilizce Yazılı Soruları, Cemal Hoca tarafından oluşturuldu
TERM 1" COMMON EXAM FOR 9'“ GRADERS A. Write in the correct Verb to be (am-is-are) (10x1=10p.)

1. Cindy________________my best friend.

2. Peter and Kate_______________classmates.

3. Johnny__________________my brother.

4. You_____________ a good student.

5. They_____________in the classroom.

6. It_____________an apple.

7. Felicia and I _____________sisters.

8. I____________ her teacher.

9. It __________a book bag.

1 0. You_________a doctor

B. Re-arrange the sentences (Dizilim yaparak cümle oluşturun) (5x2=10p.)

l. I / not/ a teacher / am

2.. She / my mother/is

3. The boys / playful / are

4. The girl / in the room / is

5. We / not/ are / at home

C. Fill in the blanks with the correct possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her, its, our, their). (12xl=12[i.)

1. Hello. I’m Tina. This is ___________mother. ___________name is Betty.

2. They are sisters. ________________ names are Hale and Jale.

3. Are you John? Is this ____________book?

4. Steve is here. These are_______________books.

5. Orhan and I are brothers and this is ______house.

6.______________ names are Frank and George. We are doctors.

7. You are a teacher and _____________ class is 11A.

8. This is our car.___________color is blue.

9. My favorite pop stars are Noel and Liam. I think _________ music is great.

10. A: Who’s _________favorite pop star?

B: ___________ favorite pop star is Mustafa Sandal.

D) Write the numbers in words. (Yazıyla yazınız)(2.xl=2p.)



E) Write the words in numbers (Rakamla yazınız.) (2x1=2p.)



F ) Write the countries or the nationalities (5x1=5p.)


1. The USA ________________

2. Spain _______________

3. ___________________________English

4 . _________________________Chinese

5. Greece_________________________

G) Use have got or has got (5xl=5p.)

1.I ____________a car.

2. My brother a new book.

3. My father a lot of tools.

4. George and Mary a new flat.

5. We anice school.

I) Look at the map and answer the questions (4x2=8p.)

A: Where is the book shop?

B: Go straight ahead. Take the first turning on the ........... Go past the pub. It is on the right, between the .................... and ..............

A: Where is the cinema?

B: Go straight ahead. Take the second turning on the right. It is on the right ................ the bank.
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